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Adsense As Passive Income -  Making money from blogs, hmm .. not a new thing. Most bloggers want it, which does not add income, but passive income. Remember the previous article "Do You Work or Do Business", 

where we discuss how unpleasant it is to depend on income from salary. Why is a blog called passive income? because the blog will be available for 24 hours. As money can flow into the pockets of the blog whenever, whatever, and wherever we are.

So we don't need to hang out the blog continuously, we don't need to work several hours a day to do the things that are needed, and then we can do other things. The money will flow for 24 hours, really a brilliant idea for

make money. Not surprisingly, now it's all people competing to learn how to make money from the internet, so it's a loss if we don't go along to make money through the internet.


competition to learn how to make money in ADSENSE AS A PASSIVE INCOME

There are many ways and options to make money on the internet, one of the most popular programs at this time is Google Adsense. But aren't there many other ways to make money through the internet, why adsense? 

aren't there other programs that we can follow to make money on the internet? such as Affiliate Programs, for example, or create an ebook, or join the MLM program, Pay Per Post, make investments, join the Pay for Online program, and others.

That's right, the program was used as a means of providing us with passive income. And while these programs have their advantages and disadvantages, we will discuss them one by one. Are the advantages and disadvantages of adsense ?,

why does adsense attract so much attention? why adsense is becoming so popular among bloggers and netizens who are looking for income from the internet? This is also what makes me interested to know more about Google Adsense.

Advantages of Adsense

• AdSense is relatively easy to follow.

• Adsense is easy to place, we just need to copy-paste the code provided by the adsense party.

• Free or no need to pay any fees.

• No need to bother looking for those who are interested in placing advertisements on our blog or website.

• We also need to make good writing, so that adsense can look for ads that are most related to the content of the writing.

• No need to bother to look for advertisements or products that are suitable for each page that we make.

• No need to mess around with various ways of placing code from various affiliate programs that we follow (if you don't follow the adsense program).

• We are so focused on how many ways to create good content, and adsense that will find the most suitable adverts among the more than 100,000 advertisers through the Google Adword program.

• It can be followed from beginners to veterans.

• AdSense provides statistics that are relatively simple and easy to understand.

• Even if we follow other affiliate programs, Adsense still allows us to place links from the affiliate program, only we need to pay attention to the terms given by Adsense so as not to violate the TOS.

• We can also filter or block more than 200 URLs from adsense, so that our ads will be displayed from other adsense programs. This is to provide a greater opportunity for other affiliate programs that we follow.

• Google Adsense is a competitive advertising program, so adsense is in great demand by advertisers to market and introduce their products.

• Only with one account, we can place adsense on various blogs at once. So there is no need to create one account for each blog you have.

• Many sources that can be used as material to study them, even though we are laymen, we can learn from veterans who first plunged into the world of adsense.

Adsense deficiency

Like many other programs, AdSense certainly has a number of weaknesses and shortcomings that are quite annoying. Some of these shortcomings are among others:

• The income statistics provided by Adsense are quite simple and easy to understand, because adsense does not display ads that are clicked on and keywords that are related to the ad. This is quite frustrating, because the information is very important.

• It's related to the point above, if we know the ads and keywords that are being clicked, we can throw away the keywords that don't generate much money.

• Adsense is currently displaying PSA (Public Service Ads) or public service ads, and if it is clicked, we can try it.

• Minimum payout is $ 100, which is heavy, too difficult for blogs that don't get a lot of traffic. It takes a long time to withdraw it.

• Before a blog or website can be approved to join Adsense, the blog must be reviewed or checked first. And who do the checking on an ordinary human being, if the human is right ??? е е е е е ??? ??? ... ???

• Adsense prohibits us from SHARE or sharing or notifying other people about our income beyond adsense, and the prohibition is often conveyed by the adsense with the sound of AdSense Terms and Conditions:

 "Confidentiality. You agree not to disclose Google Confidential Infataumation without Google's priatau written consent. 'Google Confidential Infataumation' includes without limitation: ... 

(b) click-through rates or other statistics relating to Site performance in the Program provided to you by Google ... "That's rather strange. As fellow bloggers we need this kind of information to share the successes and failures that have been experienced.

• As partners, Adsense also does not tell a few percent of what we get from their total income. 

Kata Google sih gini: "How much will I earn through this program? The AdWatauds ads you are able to display on your content pages are cost-per-click (CPC) ads. This means that advertisers pay only when users click on ads. You'll receive a pataution of the amount paid fatau clicks on AdWatauds ads on your website. 

Although we don't disclose the exact revenue share, our goal is to enable publishers to make as much atau mataue than they could with other advertising netwatauks."

• Adsense is prone to click fraud, this can be a big risk for us. At first, there were other parties who did not feel happy to see other people successful, and those who did click fraud. 

But Google might assume that we are working with the party who clicked on the fraud. And finally our account got banned, sold out already. Moreover, if the income has been quite a lot, it's bad.

• Adsense has not been supported in all languages, accepted Indonesian. So this is a must for bloggers who are not yet fluent in English. 

They are at the same time forced to learn English, that's what they have interest in adsense.

I think that is the advantages and disadvantages of adsense, јіkа kаmu have your own opinion, please share it here.


The correct SEO sequence - This time blogger mania will share with you how the actual SEO sequence is specifically for a blogger who wants his blog to appear at the top of the first page of Google because of its good rating.

And in blogger mania there will be a bit of a hassle because they have to learn one technique to another and then practice. Theory without practice the result will be zero. 

Remember the results will not lie to the business. The more we try to improve our blog, our blog will also increase results.

Friend blogger blogger should immediately do the practice and trial so that when you have tried what blogger mania is sharing this time and there is no result then you can try someone else's tutorial.

But just believe that these steps are ways to make a blog into a top rank, blogger friend mania will smile broadly after seeing the results later.

The point is there is one thing that is very beneficial for bloggers friend bloggers mania because your blog will easily understand what you should do starting from the bottom of seo to the final stage, starting from the low to the high. And just believe you will like this.

Friend blogger blogger might have learned a lot about seo, started learning seo by learning the standards of interesting content and how to get quality backlinks, but the strategy you did didn't work out? That is not enough.

Blog friend blogger mania so far has not received the best ranking from Google even though you have tried to improve blog rakning from searching for SEO tutorials and practicing starting from the easy even the hard ones, but still nothing changes? Try again ... And find out the reason.

Because there is only one reason. The Seo you are doing is not well ordered. or in other words seo strategy that blogger friend mania is not the right target.

Seo's order is right

1 Strategize with SEO Mapping

Seo mapping is a gateway for viewers and strong signals to inform search engine robots about what blog keywords that blogger friend mania has. SEO mapping is very easy. All we have to do is understand the strategy

So what is the strategy?

The Strategic Technique is that every page on your website is maximized for one page that can be profitable or get overall results.

But this is not about your post / article page. So your posts will not have a heavy influence on the view if your front page is not maximized.

But introductory pages like about us, profiles, disclaimers and other pages, this means optimizing keywords on each static page in a blog so that later keywords can be maximized. Please enrich your insight by reading the Seo Mapping Technique.

2. Create Pillar Pillar Content

The next technique is to create pillar content. Pillar content, that is, whiz content that is supported and supported by a number of articles later on this content will be even better if you pass some links to the article that supported earlier. 

The term sharing link is in the article. At a minimum our post must be embedded one outbound link where the outbound link is on a blog friend blogger mania.

In creating pillar content, it's not just posting articles and then hoping to get pillar content.

Business friends bloggers have to do formed from a few tricks and strategies. The trick sometimes makes blogger friends feel dizzy in applying it.

What is clear in developing a pillar content strategy can be from head to tail. Starting from the heading and ending. And all are interrelated.

As for what blogger friends should learn when creating pillar content in the following order

Start learning how to optimize the title of the article, Learn the insights of Lsi keywords because this is important as your weapon for mentioning keywords, 

Learn how to spread keywords, misplacement, and use of keywords that are not good in blog posts Optimize each article by knowing how to optimize images Learn the use of heading tags, Strategize each page with internal links

Be aware that external links can make your article more powerful than those of others. Recognize how good search descriptions are

3. Blogwalking Techniques

Blogwalking technique is a technique where a blogger friend mania can be known by fellow bloggers. With our famous view will continue to flow by itself.

With blogwalking techniques, friend blogger mania can also introduce or sell quality blog friends with how the value of the articles we make.

But rest assured blogger friends that blogwalking is the first step to build author authority. The first step towards thousands of views.

And more and more friends are blogging bloggers and you will get better and faster results. Hello blogwalking.

4. Focus on the article

don't just focus on the backlink. Because at this time backlinks can become weapons to eat mister. Instead of getting good backlinks instead got a reprimand from Google.

Do not want to lose energy and feelings of victims because they do not get the most out of backlinks.

but focus first with quality content. create articles that can enrich Google with the latest information and, if possible, publish what other people have never published, such as the article you've read.

In addition to the 4 ways above, there are also some tricks to becoming a Freindly Seo Blog,  so how are you going to determine the keywords that are good and SEO friendly? Of course you might not read all people's minds to find out, who are looking for people in cyberspace. So from this it is necessary to have a system to search for the right keywords. In all these keywords will later be directed to your audience.

Some of this will be some guideline questions that you must follow to determine the right and SEO friendly keywords for all online content that you create and distribute.

How relevant are you using the pharse keywords?

It is not beautiful, if you choose keyword phrases that are not relevant to your content. Only because the keyword is not widely chosen. For example, you enter the E-commerce keyword, this keyword can be said to be too broad. For this you need to be specific by using phrases that are even more relevant. For example '' best e-commerce '' or '' best shoes e-commerce ''.

So, don't forget to provide natural keywords, if they are suitable with you, write them down instead of being forced. pay attention to the correct spelling to ensure that the keyword is completely readable by search engines.

Do You Buy Keyword Keywords іnі mеlаluі paid search?

Getting traffic is very easy, one of which will be using paid search services. 

Lots of large companies that use this service to, through the SEO research process have been more effective, the traffic that you get will also increase sharply faster. but of course there are fees that there must be paid.

Even though you are not prohibited from using paid search services. You must combine it with a good SEO strategy to support the stability of your website traffic. 

With this ranking, it will also remain at the top, but you will also save on paid search fees by stopping paying when your site's ranking has gone up.

Have you been looking for a reliable source of keywords?

To have a trusted source of keywords and the most important thing. Because we could not predict, the keywords that will be used by other people to get to your website. 

Google Adwords for example, gives us data about the keywords as they are used by most people, however, don't just benefit from it. You should also be able to use some free stores such as keyword discovery, word tracker or other tools, to be able to provide a good view of your content.

Sometimes you need to target keyword phrases with 1,000 searches per month. But as often as possible you should avoid competition with other websites. 

This is because it is better if you have a word with a small amount of search.

Where is your keyword phrase ranking?

Before you start creating content, it doesn't hurt to find out how tight your topic is, whether the topic is able to enter Page one with five, which if only managed to compete closely with other websites. 

In this case you can use stores like Web CEO, BrightEdge, and SEO to get ranking data. With that, you don't need to waste time searching for effective keyword phrases.

Does this keyword phrase enter your domain name?

To continue to improve SEO, it's good if you look for keywords that are relevant or at least enter your domain name. usually, Google will prioritize the content of the domain name with all the keywords.

Will this keyword phrase be suitable for the content that will come?

You should make sure that the keywords you specify can be used or at least can be related to the topics later, it will be posted on your website. 

This aims, to see if your keywords are able to develop into new keywords with different topics. For this reason, it is necessary to have a mature content planning. so, you can predict or at least measure how much your keywords are performing.


Blogs Most Liked To Readers -  A good and useful blog is a blog that always posts quality content to visitors, be it text, images, audio and video. 

Visitors who come naturally expect useful content that suits their purpose. So, if you want your own blog to always be visited by visitors, you have to present good quality content at all times.

For blogs that discuss tutorials in a field, in writing content that you will publish on your blog you must gather sources or references in addition to the expertise you have. This reference is very important and useful as 

Blog Most Liked Readers

comparison or additional input material so that the content that you create is getting better quality. If there are more sources or references, the level of authenticity and truth will be even higher. 

Content written based on expertise and also a reliable reference source will certainly produce high quality content. Quality content is certainly content that was created originally and for humans to read, not robots.

When readers acknowledge the quality of the content that you publish, of course the reader has pointed to your blog as a source of legal and reliable information that is also of course quality, always ready for them to use its benefits. 

A good and correct reference is certainly useful to prevent errors in the information submitted. Also vice versa if the content contains wrong information, it is probable that readers' trust in the quality of your blog will decrease 

This is clearly going to be detrimental if it happens to you, because the reputation of the blog is declining and of course you will lose many loyal customers or readers.

So, it's good if you try to finalize writing blog content before you publish. 

You can also get a reference to a variety of media both print and electronic media such as blogs, magazines, forums, books, to newspapers that have a theme or niche in the same direction as your blog. You also have to be very selective in choosing the various references you will use.

It would be nice if you take the time to try to implement things like what you want to publish through content on the blog sourced from references that you can. 

When you do an experiment, you will know what problems are encountered and also how the solution. Trial and error is very important in order to increase the quality of the content and convince readers that your content is worthy of trust and practice.

Creating a blog is not just writing, if your target is to find visitors, prioritize the quality of the blog, by creating a blog that is liked by many people, later there will be many readers.

this may sound difficult, but in fact it is easy to apply it, you just do what is good for your blog. like using a template that is of high quality, using this template does not only affect our blog, but for readers as well.

the criteria is to choose a quality template?, choose a template that is seo friendly, fast loading, responsive, user friendly and not confusing the reader, that is, use simple templates and easy navigation, don't choose those that are complicated and not organized.

The above are only part of the characteristics of blogs that are liked by visitors. There are a number of ways to attract readers to like our blogs and articles, by applying the concept of the following features.

The characteristics of blogs that are liked by readers and make visitors feel at home

There are many ways that we can do something to create a blog like that, but from bloggers forget to do it, more so many who think is concerned with themselves, without thinking of the reader to be happy when reading on our blog,

that's why many visitors run away. This explanation will be shared when you apply and copy it on your blog.

1. There are no Pop up ads

As long as you use all types of advertising services to earn income from your blog, it can be just like that and there is no such thing as prohibiting it.

like for example Pop up ads, for those who don't know this ad, this type of ad will appear automatically, if we push the same part of the ad and will create a new tab that contains ads.

whereas this ad is a lot hated by readers, moreover there are types of Pop-up advertisements with advertisements coming up many times, if we squeeze from all the parts.

this will be a big influence for people who visit our blog, visitors may be left. However, my advice is, this ad is suitable for blog downloads, do not use in blogs that contain a lot of writing, but it depends and it's up to you.

2. Use quality templates

Suddenly I say, quality templates have the above criteria as I explained earlier. The template is influential for the quality of blogs and readers. By using this template, it is most likely that the articles we write will be included in the uppermost part of the page.

but that should not be a benchmark. And readers will also like it, because it is able to provide good service and eligibility for visitors, especially fast loading templates, people will like it when loading fast, you will also feel it, what you do when you meet the blog with fast loading templates. ?, I will definitely go directly to choose another person.

3. Write full information

Visitors will look for complete information to find a problem that they experience, if they don't find anything, if I have less information from the problem, they will look for a blog with more information.

then from that, try to write an article that is complete so that readers like and will definitely visit our blog again, if that's when there are problems that are the same.

4. Language that is interesting and not easily bored to read

I feel difficult to make an article like this, but my intention is not to use words that are repeated, this will have an impact on the quality of the blog and will also not be interesting to read it.

use language that is interesting to you, like using your everyday language when you talk to your friends, this will be easy to write and can be interesting, or use your own features, which in turn will make people familiar with articles you write.

5. Do not overdo and too large the ads that can cover the writing

I have the experience of visiting other people's blogs, because I am currently looking for information that I needed, sometimes there was something that was nice when I found an article that was just right for me to read. , especially if the ad is hard to close,

I have tried several times but I didn't intend to leave that big ad, to the point where I hit the ad, but it still doesn't disappear either. Then I immediately intend to leave the blog.

so this can be a lesson for you, it is true that people can earn money from blogs and this is also waiting for many bloggers, but please place an ad in there are also limitations.

do not be selfish to make dollars, but also think of visitors who have trouble reading it. If it does not please the reader, how can we produce money coffers.

6. Can solve problems and provide solutions

People are looking for articles to differ because they start looking for inspiration, entertainment and are looking for solutions from problems and tutorials. From here I will give all about articles related to articles like ways and tutorials.

you are required to write in full to find a way out of a problem, not half-half, with this one can solve it and know the solution.

7. Articles that are easy to understand for readers

Write the words that at least do not make people search for meaning from the writing. If you keep writing like that, it would be nice for you to give meaning to that, so people know what they mean.

do not forget to arrange and arrange with your writing as well as possible. Do not make alay language that also can damage the eyes, this is important.

Maybe if you want content that is liked, you can mimic the features above. Because the article that is liked by readers is desirable for all people.


HOW TO INSTALL THE KEYWORD META AND DESCRIPTION ON THE BLOG -  because this blog is one of the primary needs of most of the population in the world, because at this time the name of the blog is not just a place for vent, just look at it, while at this time the name of the blog is used as a blog. to make money, 

How to Install the Meta Tag Description and Meta Keyword Tags in Blogger - Maybe you have a lot of that you don't know, what is the meta tag? Meta Tags are all HTML tags that function as data providers from all web pages that are sent to all search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Meta tags will not appear in the appearance of web pages, but only provide information to search engines, so that our web or blog will be easily indexed in search engines like Google.

For meta tags themselves, there are many types this time, but only explain how to install the meta tag description and meta tag keywords for the blogger platform (blogspot).

How to Install the Description Meta Tag (Description).

Meta Description Tag (Description) and meta tags that function to display a description of our blog on the search results page.

There are 2 kinds of description meta tags installed. That is for the pages and post pages. But for installation on the posting page, the page meta tag must be active first.


for example, if we are looking for money with the Affiliate method, we will get money just by suggesting other people to buy the product, [See Here and Here If you are interested in joining the Affiliate Business], this is a way to optimize your blog with Meta Keyword:

1. Login to your blog.

2. Select Edit HTML> Find code

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

3. After finding the tag put under this right in the code number 2.

<meta content='DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>

<meta content='KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/>

<meta content='AUTHOR NAME HERE' name='author'/> 

Replace the word DESCRIPTION HERE with your blog description.

Example: Blazer Blog will also be a site that contains a variety of interesting and insightful articles.

Notice: Pay attention to the use of the language of words and the like that are more polite, interesting.

Change the word KEYWORDS HERE to replace the keywords of your blog or website.
Example: Beginerblog, Blog, health tips, bloggers and others

Notice: Separate comma punctuation marks.

Change the word AUTHOR NAME HERE by the name of the author or blog owner.


6 Ways to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic -  One of the big problems that bloggers face is that many blog posts aren't included on the main pages of blog searches such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. So that the number or traffic of blog visitors does not increase. 

This article is only to share experiences for fellow bloggers who are increasing the amount or Blog Visitor Traffic. It's easy to read How to Increase the amount or Traffic of Blog Visitors, And you bloggers have the inspiration to make more effective blog as a vehicle to look for additional income.

6 Ways to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic

Based on experience, one of our motivations is to increase the number or Traffic of Blog Visitors due to the income from blogs that we create or manage.  

This income can be obtained from advertising services, such as Google Adsense, PopCash, Media.net, Revenuehits, PropellerAds, Adhexa, Qadabra, and others. 

But it must be remembered that advertising service providers will also only have to put up advertisements or work with blogs that have a lot of Blog Visitor Traffic. 

So increasing the Blog Visitor Traffic should take precedence over raising the blog mеlаluі.

Blogger friends, before giving a lot of tricks on how to increase the number or traffic of blog visitors, I need to remind you that you have to practice, persevere and work hard. 

Rarely there are blogs that are created today within a month or two of rank or rank directly becomes the best or directly dominates the first page of the search engine Google, Bing or Yahoo.

The first year runs http://seribudollars.blogspot.com / has not experienced a satisfactory increase in Blog Visitor Traffic. 

Known by the Google search engine, only typing the address of the blog directly, the title of the post or keyword that is inputted has not been found before the post or keyword that came from the blog itself. Time continues to run and various experiments are also carried out while filling spare time.

Some of the results of experiments about How to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic I try to make the page http://seribudollars.blogspot.com / there are a number of conclusions that are common to the practical way to increase visitor traffic.

Here is How to Increase the Number or Traffic of Blog Visitors experiment results on the page http://seribudollars.blogspot.com /.

1. How to Increase the amount or Traffic of Blog Visitors using the SEO Friendly Blog Template.

The SEO Friendly Blog theme is a template or design that is light or fast (fast loading), simple, clean, and responsive or mobile-friendly. SEO Friendly Blog Templates are simple and Fast Loading Blogger Templates. 

Super 100% SEO Friendly, User Friendly & Mobile Friendy Templates. There are many SEO Friendly Blog Templates from which are paid for free, if you use, you just choose

2. How to Increase the amount or Traffic of Blog Visitors by making interesting posts, 

the best possible post and post that information is much sought after by people, not weathered over time and made by yourself not copy paste. Some experiences adjust the info, news, articles that will be posted with the theme of our blog, interests and background behind us.

Original posts made by ourselves that the information is needed by many people or our visitors and will not be consistent or obsolete over time, even though the number of visitors per day will not be many, but will consistently get visits every day. 

So the more original posts for us that the information is needed and not outdated or weathered over time, will further increase Blog Traffic

3. How to Increase the Number or Traffic of Blog Visitors by increasing the number of backlinks and pagerank. 

There are various ways to get backlinks. From commenting on the blog by leaving the blog address or by submitting our blog url and psoting url. 

There is a stated backlink can not be obtained with a blog comment. That's the wrong thing, my experiment proves that by giving comments on blogs and increasing the blog url will increase backlinks. 

Remember Backlinks and PageRank are not the only Ways to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic. As with high backlinks and pagerank, there is no increase in Blog Visitor Traffic. 

Especially pagerank, you should not lie to yourself by making fake pagerank. Let the system look for your blog's page rank. One way to find out your blog PageRank is by submitting your url to https://www.ranksignals.com/

My message, If you will give a comment on the blog and leave the blog url. Do not use Active Links, because only active links are not read by the Google search engine, bing and others. 

Write only the url address of our blog or post in full, even though the url will not be copied because the blog or website is protected, but the url address will be read by the Google search engine, bing and the like.

For blogs that were first made to get backlinks, I would also use submit Urls, ping urls, Check Site Prices, Social Bookmarking and others. More than that various Url through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, WA, BBM and others will also increase the number of backlinks and simultaneously increase Blog Visitor Traffic

4. How to Increase the Number or Traffic of Blog Visitors by avoiding writing is hoax, features or anything that complicates blog visitors. 

Related features or things that make it difficult for visitors to the blog between ads that close the page, the page clicks the ads appear, convoluted download features, download features that are invisible (hidden). 

Experience shows that when people access the blog, advertisements appear and others immediately close the blog and search for other blogs. 

By the way, because of many features that make it difficult for blog visitors, many visitors who switch to other blogs or websites.

5. How to Increase the Number or Traffic of Blog Visitors by optimizing information and writing keywords on our blog template. 

Many blogs that are not known by the Google search engine because the information and keywords on the template are not filled in correctly. Fill in the meta content name description and meta content name keywords correctly.

6. How to Increase the Number or Traffic of Blog Visitors by submitting a blog Url or posting directly to the Webmaster. 

There are at least two webmasters who are required to recognize bloggers Google Webmasters and Bing Webmasters. For Yahoo there is no need, because Yahoo takes an index from Bing Webmasters.

As stated in the Google support page, if your blog or website is found on the web. Google Webmasters will help you. Monitor your site's search performance in Google Search Console and explore for other webmaster resources. 

So, in the Bing and Yahoo support pages, Bing Webmaster stated that public tools are easy to use to help you do more with your site. Both Webmasters pages help bloggers to make their posts known by the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Bаgаіmаnа How To Contribute Url Blogs and Blog Posts to Google Webmasters or Add Google Url? Read it

Bаgаіmаnа How To Contribute Url Blog and Blog Posting to Bing Webmasters or Add Bing and Yahoo Url? Read it

Friend bloggers, the conclusion of this short article, here are 6 Ways to Increase the Number or Traffic of Blog Visitors, you:

1. How to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic by using SEO Friendly Blog Templates.

2. How to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic by making original posts instead of copy paste and interesting to read

3. How to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic by increasing the number of backlinks and pagerank. 

4. Ways to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic by avoiding writing that is hoax, features or anything that complicates blog visitors.

5. How to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic by optimizing information and writing keywords on our blog template.

6. How to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic by submitting a blog Url or posting directly to the Webmaster.

Friend bloggers, there are many other ways to increase Blog Visitor Traffic. However, if 6 Ways to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic is already done certainly ascertained Blog Visitor Traffic will increase.

For those of you who get the latest info about Blogger Tutorials and others. After all, fill in the search box under this by typing or input keywords such as Tutorials and others, then select search.